Jaymar Experience launches its new online store

Since 1956, Jaymar Experience has always sold its furniture exclusively through its retailers. But this year Jaymar Experience opts for the e-commerce strategy with his new home theater division. This is a whole new way to serve our customers. The home theater market is changing rapidly and we are ready this change!

Quality. Style. Comfort.

A new way to enjoy your Jaymar furniture

Jaymar Experience launches its latest selection of home theater recliners under a new collection. We present you 3 models with integrated D-BOX haptic technology that will bring your movies, series and entertainment to life, all at an affordable price.

D-Box Technology

Let yourself be taken away with D-BOX haptic feedback technology embedded in Jaymar’s seating. D-BOX redefines and creates realistic, haptic and immersive entertainment experiences by providing feedback to the whole body and sparking the imagination through various intensities of movement, vibration and texture.

The D-BOX unique haptic technology and Jaymar Experience will provide you with rich, deep sensations like never before, in the comfort of your home. Experience true-to-life haptic feedback and vibrations while watching and listening to your favorite immersive content.

Be inspired

Here are some home theater projects from our clients. We offer a wide range of styles and options, allowing you to create the perfect seatings for your home theater ideas. Start your dream project today with Jaymar Experience!

Create your home theater experience